Diving Details


Important Updates:

  • Due to escalating fuel costs, an additional fuel "up charge" may apply to some trips. E-mail or ask at the shop for specifics. For your safety, and everyone's liability, we are now requiring ALL divers to carry dive accident insurance. See links at the bottom of the "rates" page to obtain info.


The Hatteras Dive Season: The dive season starts in April and runs through December.

Departure time & location: Divers meet at the dive shop at 6:30 A.M. Outer Banks Diving is located at 57540 Hwy 12 in Hatteras Village--prior to the small bridge and Captain Jack's Restaurant. 

For those of you who do not need anything from the shop: Meet time at the dock is 7:00 A.M., and the boat departs at 7:30 A.M. The time schedule is subject to change, especially during peak or holiday times, or by request of the group.  Check when making reservation.

Dive site(s): Outer Banks Diving regularly visits broad range of shipwrecks along the North Carolina Coast. Most sites are between 1 and 25 miles off shore in the North end of the Graveyard of the Atlantic and Diamond Shoals. Captain Pieno determines the dive site(s) on the morning of your dive as he considers the weather, the sea conditions, the level of experience, and the goals of the divers.

Gear Rental: Arrangements can be made to rent the gear you may need when you book your dive trip--including an underwater camera. See "rates" button above for details and pricing. Arrangements should be made at time of reservation and picked up at the dive shop the morning of your dive. 

Technical Diving Trips:
The Flying Fish is primarily a sport diving and fishing vessel. However, if your group of experienced divers wants to visit the deeper more challenging, wrecks, special accommodations can be made in advance.  These sites include the Lansing, the Clark, the as yet, unidentified "Paddlewheeler," and the Manuela, among others. 

Dive Training & Checkout Dives:
Depressed about doing your advanced diving or wreck specialty dives looking for a school bus in a cold, mid-Pennsylvania quarry? Does a checkout on a Spanish-American, Civil or World War wreck in the warm water rated the "Best Wreck Diving Location" by Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine readers sound more enticing? Referrals welcome!